Tracks of your choice, on one unique disc, or small series

What is a dubplate? 

A dubplate is an acetate disc, traditionally used to test recordings prior to mastering for the subsequent pressing of a vinyl record, but pioneered by Jamaican reggae sound systems as a way to play exclusive music. We use at RunRun Records, a diamond cutting technique directly in a blank vinyl record, to ensure a long life disc. 

All our records are 1,5 to 2mm thick, that we can cut deep grooves on the two faces. 7", 10" or 12", 45RPM or 33RPM, depending on your project.

Choose the dubplate you need according to the total duration of a side, transfer us your audio files (all formats are possible, preferred are .wav or .aiff in 24bits / 48kHz), by  using our Wetransfer, and we will cut your disc as soon as possible.  Feel free to contact us and visit our FAQS.  Please consult our page dedicated to  audio preparation for an optimal rendering on the dubplate.

Prices depend on the recording time, the number of cutted sides, and if you need a customized cover
Dubplate 12

LP 12"

 20min /  face


vinyl record 10"

  EP 10"

10min /  face

45RPM or 33RPM

gravure vinyle 7"

  Single 7"

5min /  face


dubplate maxi 12"


12min / face


color vinyl

Color-Disc 12"

Out Of Stock!

Cutting vinyl records is an art in itself: it is a high-precision analog sound reproduction in itself. The groove is only about 50 microns deep! The tools necessary for cutting must be of high quality, so that the discs produced are high quality and long-lasting.

All our discs are 1.5 to 2mm thick, allowing to cut deep grooves, on both sides. 7", 10", 12", 45 ou 33rpm, depending on your project.   We cut the discs using an amazing cutting lathe, the flokason AM44 with a Caruso cutterhead for an exceptional rendering, both in low-end and in other frequencies. We use blank discs and diamonds from  MyShank, for an optimal cutting quality, and minimal surface noise.