Frequently Asked Questions

How does a groove work ? 

This is amazingly simple & effective: the grooves reproduces the movements that the membranes of your loudspeakers and your eardrums have to make! The V shape of the groove creates a stereo, as there are independant modulations of the two faces of it.

How Can I prepare my audio for vinyl ?

What must be considered is that it is a physical medium, which has its own specificities. It is exceptional for reproducing a frequency and volume range compatible with almost all styles of music, and we believe that this is the ultimate analog medium of sound.
Stereo, especially in the low-end, the phases, the total duration of the content, ... are important elements if you want to get the best out of vinyl.

Check our page dedicated to sound optimization for vinyl

What is a lacquer / a DMM / a Stamper ?

These are the intermediate elements between your songs and the pressed disc. A lacquer is the first cutted disc: we use it to electroform the Stamper, wich is metallic. This allow to replicate the lacquer identically. 

For more informations, visit the article about making vinyl  on our blog (in french only).

How long for one side?

It depends on the size of the record and the level we cut it
7" at 45RPM : Optimal 3 min 30 / side (5 minutes max)
7" at 33RPM :  Optimal 5 minutes / side (8 minutes max)
10" at 45RPM  : Optimal 7 minutes / side (10 minutes max)

10" at 33RPM: Optimal 9 minutes / side (13 minutes max)
12" at 45RPM  : Optimal 9 minutes / side (12-14 minutes max) 
12" at 33RPM : Optimal 15 minutes / side (18-22 minutes max)

Is it possible to re-press?

Yes, we keep the stampers one year, so it is very easy to use them for a reissue. By eliminating the cost of cutting the lacquer and making the stamper, the second pressing is much more cheaper!

What file can I use to send you music ?

Minimum 16 bits / 44.1 kHz. Try not to transfer compressed files (mp3 or others) unless you have no choice. 

How vinyl records are made ? 

From cutting to pressed disc discover how vinyl records are made (article in french, translation in progress)

What are the legal procedures ?

You have to own the copyrights of the music and we need a mechanical license to press your records. You can request one from the copyright organisation you are associated with. For France, click to see details page