Vinyl mastering @ RunRun Records

RunRun Records is a mastering studio entirely dedicated to vinyl. 

Our mastering chain combines analog and digital elements that make it possible to work precisely on your recordings, to make the most of them, before cutting on a lacquer master. We use an AM44 with a Caruso cutterhead,  driven by a VC200 amp for a high quality cutting.

It is important to start audio optimization so that the rendering on vinyl is the best possible, from the mixing step. You have to control the stereo, bas volume, phase oppositions, etc ... For detailed information, you can consult our page dealing with vinyl mastering

We can:

  • adapt your already mastered content to another medium (digital master, CD...) and "transfer" it to vinyl. Please note that this option is only to be retained if you have no choice: it is only an adaptation, not an optimization. adapter votre contenu déjà masterisé pour un autre support (CD, numérique...)

  • or at best, work from your mixes and d a complete mastering for your LP, EP, ... 

  • optimize your tracks for a compilation, a mixtape...

Contact us to get the best option for your project.

We offer mastering service alone, or combined with disc cutting and pressing.



Maselec MTC-1X

100% analogic routing particularly suitable for vinyl


Lynx Hilo

AD/DA up to 24 bits / 192kHz


ART-PRO VLA II, Stereo tube comp, 

Bundle of digital comp & limiter


Amphion Two-18 & Amp-500

Precise monitors that leave no chance to unwanted frequencies


Gyraf Audio G23, colored tube EQ

Bundle of digital EQ (Fab Filter, brainworks ...)

cutting lathe

Amazing Flokason AM44

with Caruso Cutterhead