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We have choosen new equipments and infrastructures with optimized energy efficiency to guarantee consistency in production and premium quality records. Most of our waste is recycled in the production process.

Special care to each disc 

Unlike production with automatic press, we have a visual control on each of the discs that comes out of the mold. We can thus control them as closely as possible, and customize them for example by adding colors to make splatters.  

pressage vinyle noir
pressage vinyle couleur
pressage vinyle splatter


Studio de mastering vinyle


Consists in preparing the audio for vinyl, while respecting some specificities to get the best sound!

Gravure de disque vinyle


The first disc is a cutted lacquer master, which is the model for the others

matrice métallique pour le pressage de vinyle


Manufacture from the lacquer of a metal stamper, which is inserted in the mold of the press. 

vinyl press


Last step is the production oh the records on the stamper model. The central labels are pressed with the disc. 

About legal procedures

You have to own the copyrights of the music and we need a mechanical license to press your records. You can request one from the copyright organisation you are associated with.
For more info (for France), please click here

About Vinyl Mastering 

Your mix is ready, the next step is to get your master done. Contact us to get the mastering specs.

If you already have your master you can directly upload it on ourwetransfer plateformYou can also send us your master on CD (WAV, AIFF, FLAC or DDP, careful ( NO CD AUDIO FORMAT) or bring it to RUNRUN RECORDS Manufacture.

Submitting your own Lacquers is possible. Do however keep in mind that lacquer must be plated as soon as possible. We use very experienced partners and have set up an optimally coordinated process for you.  Please contact us for more info

Once we have received your stampers we send you 3 to 5 Test Pressing so that you can review the audio quality of you record.

About color vinyl

We propose different colors for your record. Black of course, but also opaque white or blue, and transparent red or green. 

We can make any combination of these colors to make a Splatter, or a marbled record. Feel free to contact us about these amazing special records!

About covers / inner sleeves / labels

Many covers have become legendary and we want to take care of yours! We work with a qualified printer for the creation of single covers and gatefolds but also all special formats (boxes, booklet...). RunRun Records provides an extensive range of high quality packaging and printing options. We provide blank or full CMKY color jacket, on high quality 350 GSC card with mat eor glossy laminate finish. 

 For the template of our packaging, please contact us! 

Standard inner sleeves are white with central hole revealing the label. Black or printed inner sleeves is also an option. Please contact us!

About delivery

We work with an international and fast delivery service. Price depends on the quantities. Feel free to ask us a quote. 




Want to know more about vinyl records production? 

Visit our blog and the article about the different steps of this amazing process (article in french, translation in progress).